Integration of the database tool Adminer ( into the OXID backend

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v1.0.4 2024-05-01 20:03 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-01 20:04:07 UTC



  • go to "Adminer"
  • download the File Adminer X.X.X for MySQL
  • save it to .\Adminer\
  • change in the last line of 36ba9de7be2f8a24dc54424f309d8bc0.php
    • find the old included adminer
    • and change it to the new version

Update CSS

  • I use the CSS from "Klemens Häckel"
  • I´ve downloaded and add some stuff to hide the database-selection and language-section. Both is not necessary for OXID
  • see resouces\adminer.css
  • Then I´ve compressed the file and put it in the root