This package is an installer that will download Drupal from the website and unpack it at the root of your Composer project.

v7.23.0 2013-10-15 10:34 UTC


This is a simple Composer package that will install Drupal at the root of your Composer project.

Drupal is not directly contained in this project. It is downloaded from the website.

Installing Drupal using this Composer package:

Not used to Composer? The first step is installing Composer. This is essentially a one line process:

curl -s | php

Windows users can download the phar file here: [](install composer). Then create a composer.json file at the root of your project:

    "require": {
        "thecodingmachine/drupal": "~7.23"

and finally, run

php composer.phar install

This will download and unpack the Drupal archive at the root of your project. In this example, the version downloaded is 7.18 or greater, but lower than 8.0 (this is the meaning of the ~ just before the version number).

Find more:

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