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Make your apps validation easily (inspired by Laravel Validation)

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Quick start 🚀

Setting up the validationFacade:


use Respect\Validation\Validator as RespectValidator;
use TheSupportGroup\Common\Validator\Helpers;
use TheSupportGroup\Common\ValidationAdaptor\ValidationAdaptor;

// Prep up the validator, ideally done using DI.
$respectValidator = new RespectValidator();
$errorBag = new Helpers\FieldsErrorBag();

// Note that any library can be used as long as it is accepted by the ValidationAdaptor.
$validationProvider = new ValidationAdaptor($respectValidator);
$validationResultProcessor = new Helpers\ValidationResultProcessor($errorBag);
$rulesFactory = new Helpers\RulesFactory();

// Create the validation facade that will give us our validation object to work with.
$validationFacade = new ValidatorFacade(

Validating data:


// Prepare the input data.
$inputData = $_POST;

// Prepare rules to be applied on the input data.
$rules = [
    # firstname and lastname must exists
    # they should be alphanumeric
    # atleast 2 characters
    'firstname, lastname' => 'required|alpha|min:2',

    # max until 18 characters only
    'lastname'            => 'max:18',

    # must be an email format
    # must be unique under 'users' table
    'email'               => 'email|unique:users',

    # must be numeric
    # must exists under 'users' table
    'id'                  => 'numeric|exists:users',
    'age'                 => 'min:16|numeric',
    'info[country]'       => 'required|alpha',

    # roll[0] or roll[1] values must be in the middle 1 to 100
    'roll[0], roll[1]'    => 'numeric|between:1, 100',

    # the format must be 'm-Y.d H:i'
    'date'                => 'dateFormat:(m-Y.d H:i)',

    # it must be an image format under $_FILES global variable
    'profileImg'          => 'image',

    # the provided phone number should follow the format
    # correct: +38(123)456-12-34
    # wrong: +38(123)56-123-56
    # wrong: +39(123)456-12-34
    'phoneMask'           => 'phoneMask:(+38(###)###-##-##)',
    'randNum'             => 'between:1, 10|numeric',

    # the value must be an IP Format
    'ip'                  => 'ip',
    'password'            => 'required|min:6',

    # the value from a key 'password' must be equal to 'password_repeat' value
    'password_repeat'     => 'same:password',

    # it must be a json format
    'json'                => 'json',
    'site'                => 'url',

    # cash10 or cash25 must only have these
    # 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 or 50
    'cash10, cash25'      => 'in:1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50',

    # the value must not have 13 or 18 or 3 or 4
    'elevatorFloor'       => 'notIn:13, 18, 3, 4',

// Custom error messages for rules in case validation does not pass.
$customMessages = [
   'info[country].alpha' => 'Only letters please',
   'email.required'      => 'Field :field: is required',
   ''         => 'Email has bad format',
   'email.unique'        => 'This email :value: is not unique',
   'elevatorFloor.notIn' => 'Oops',

// Run validation on input data.
$validationResult = $validationFacade->validate($inputData, $rules, $customMessages);

Methods available on the validationResult object:

// Check if there are any errors.

// Count number of errors.

// Get all errors.

// Get error for a specific field.

// Get raw error messages with keys.

// Get only the first error message for each field.

// Get the first error message for a specific field.

// Appending an error message.
$validationResult->fieldsErrorBag->add($fieldName, $message);

Error message variables.

You can use 3 variables in your error messages, these will be dynamically replaced by the actual values being used at the time. These are:

:field: => The field being validated.
:rule: => The rule being applied.
:value: => The value being validated against.

Contributing :octocat:

Dear contributors , the project is just started and it is not stable yet, we love to have your fork requests.


This project is mostly unit tested down to its core.

The testing suite can be run on your own machine. The main dependency is PHPUnit which can be installed using Composer:

# run this command from project root
$ composer install --dev --prefer-source
vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration phpunit.xml --coverage-text

For additional information see PHPUnit The Command-Line Test Runner.


PHP Data Validator is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU GPL.