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This project hosts the PHP library for the various RESTful based Google Cloud Vision API(s) [Read about Google Cloud Vision API] (


  • Support almost feature of Google Cloud Vision API (Version 1)
  • Auto encode images to based64

##how to get service key Google Cloud Vision API Document


  • PHP >= 5.4 with cURL extension

##Installation Add this to your composer.json

"require": {
        "thangman22/google-cloud-vision-php": "*"


use GoogleCloudVisionPHP\GoogleCloudVision;

$gcv = new GoogleCloudVision();

// Follow instruction from Google Cloud Vision Document
$gcv->setKey("[Key from Google]");

$gcv->setImage("[File path]");

// 1 is Max result
$gcv->addFeature("LABEL_DETECTION", 1);



$response = $gcv->request();