This is a library that uses composer as the basis for generating email notifications

dev-master 2018-08-14 20:00 UTC


This library has the function of sending e-mail using the phpmailer library. Doing this in an uncomplicated way is essential for any system.

To install the library, run the following command:

composer require gustavoweb/composer_teste

To make use of the library, simply require the autoload of the composer, invoke the class and make the method call:


require __DIR__ . '/lib_ext/autoload.php';

USE Notification\Email;

$mail = new Email (2, "", "", "your-pass", "smtp secure (tls / ssl)", "port (587)",
    "", "From Name");

$email->sendEmail ("SUbject", "Content", "", "Replay Name", "", "Address Name");

Note that the entire configuration of sending the email is using the magic method builder! Once you've invoked the constructor method within your application, your system will be able to fire the shots.


  • [Tiago L. Furlan] - Developer of this library for Practice!
  • Gustavo Web - Developer of this library and tutor of the course Composer in the Practice!
  • [Robson V. Milk] - CEO and Founder UpInside Training
  • [UpInside Trainings] - Official site of your digital marketing and programming school
  • phpMailer - Lib to send Email



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