A Snowbird child theme.

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v1.1.0 2016-11-12 00:13 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-15 14:55:29 UTC


A Snowbird child theme.

Table of Contents


Snowbirdie provides a composer.json file so you can install it via Composer:

$ composer require tfrommen/snowbirdie

You can also just use the generated ZIP file.

Notice: Since Snowbirdie is a child theme, you need to have Snowbird installed as well.


The following sections list all changes (i.e., customizations as well as additions) that will be put in effect when installing Snowbirdie.



Snowbirdie provides the snowbirdie.after_footer_widgets action hook that is fired right after the footer widgets. Hooking there allows you to inject markup after the footer widgets.


Snowbirdie provides the snowbirdie.before_footer_widgets action hook that is fired right before the footer widgets. Hooking there allows you to inject markup before the footer widgets.


Author Bio Sidebar

Snowbirdie provides an additional widget area, Author Bio ('author-bio'), that is located right after the author bio.

Footer Widgets

Snowbirdie provides a full-width search input in the footer, just before the widgets.

Search in Footer


Author Bio

Snowbirdie wraps the author bio in <p /> tags by using wpautop().

Furthermore, the whole author bio section is pushed below the content when in mobile view.


Snowbirdie uses rounded borders on avatars.


Color Scheme

Snowbirdie provides an additional color scheme: snowbirdie.

Snowbirdie Color Scheme

Content Width

Snowbirdie uses a content width of 1280 pixels (instead of the original 1110 pixels).


Snowbirdie displays a Read More button below every excerpt, no matter if generated or not.

Read More Button

Footer Text

Snowbirdie renders a footer text that consists of a copyright notice for the current year, the title of the site, and the description.

Footer Text

Image Sizes

Snowbirdie uses the following customized image sizes (all cropped center|center):

  • Featured Image: 1920 x 720
  • Snowbird Large: 1280 x 480
  • Snowbird Thumb: 400 x 400
  • Snowbird Small: 120 x 120


Snowbirdie decorates all links inside posts with an underline.

Template Parts

Featured Image

Snowbirdie displays a <figcaption /> element containing the featured image's caption, if exists.

Featured Image Caption

Loop Sidebar

Snowbirdie always lists the author (i.e., avatar and name) of each post, no matter if there only is one author on the site.

Post Meta

For single post view, Snowbirdie also includes the number of comments in the post meta section.

Comments in Post Meta


If you would like to see Snowbirdie in action, please refer to my personal website.


This code is licensed under the GNU General Public License.