Compute RoBERTa embeddings using ONNX framework.

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This brings the power of Transformers to the PHP world.


Add this project to your dependencies

composer require textualization/ropherta
composer update

Before using it, you will need to install the ONNX framework:

composer exec -- php -r "require 'vendor/autoload.php'; OnnxRuntime\Vendor::check();"

and download the RoBERTa ONNX model (this takes a while, the model is 477Mb in size):

composer exec -- php -r "require 'vendor/autoload.php'; Textualization\Ropherta\Vendor::check();"

Computing embeddings

$model = new RophertaModel();

$emb = $model->embeddings("Text");

Check \Textualization\Ropherta\Distances to check whether two embeddings are closer to each other.

Using custom embeddings

$model = new RophertaModel("/path/to/model.onnx");
$emb = $model->embeddings("Text");

To fine-tune a model you will need a large amount of in-domain text and use Python in a machine with a GPU. See tuning for details.


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