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:crystal_ball: PHPUnit printer, assertion and more...

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Provides a PHPUnit printer class, with:

  • beautiful error reporting
  • slow-running tests reporting
  • over assertive test reporting
  • provides a beautiful text-coverage output
  • provides output for a compact and expanded test runner view



$ composer require testomat/phpunit-printer


Enable the printer by adding the following to your phpunit.xml or phpunit.xml.dist file:


Now run your test suite as normal.


Within the configuration file testomat.xml a number of options can be passed to the printer.

First create a testomat.xml in the root folder of your project and copy this into it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
... printer configuration

Printer settings

The printer comes with 2 types of printer views expanded and compact (default). To change the printer view, use the type argument.

    <printer type="expanded"/>

You want to change how the errors printed by the PHPUnit printer, use the show_error_on option.

    <printer show_error_on="end"/>

To print the error after a failed test use show_error_on="test", default is to print the errors after the test runner finished.

Note: the printer supports all PHPUnit stopOn... settings.

To reduce the exception trace on the beautiful error output, use the <exclude>...</exclude> argument.


Note: The PHPUnit and Mockery exception trace, is filtered out by default.

Speed trap settings

By default, the speed trap collector is active, to deactivate the speed trap use enabled="false".

    <speedtrap enabled="false"/>

To change the overall suite threshold from 500 (default) to something higher use the <slow_threshold>500</slow_threshold> argument.


or PHPUnit annotations, the @slowThreshold annotation can be added to test classes or test methods to override any suite or group thresholds:

 * @slowThreshold 2000
class SomeTestCase extends \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
     * @slowThreshold 5000
    public function testLongRunningProcess()

To change the default speed trap report length of 10 lowest tests, use the <report_length>10</report_length> argument.


Over assertive settings

By default, the over assertive collector is active, to deactivate the over assertive use enabled="false".

    <over_assertive enabled="true"/>

To change the overall suite assertion from 10 (default) to something higher use the <threshold>10</threshold> argument.


or PHPUnit annotations, the @assertionThreshold annotation can be added to test classes or test methods to override any suite or group thresholds:

 * @assertionThreshold 15
class SomeTestCase extends \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
     * @assertionThreshold 20
    public function testLongRunningProcess()

To change the default over assertive report length of 10 assertions per tests, use the <report_length>10</report_length> argument.



This library follows semantic versioning, and additions to the code ruleset are performed in major releases.


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Code of Conduct

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This package is licensed using the MIT License.

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