Embed a Tweet, a Twitter Timeline or an Instagram Post on your Contao website.

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1.4.1 2023-08-14 08:14 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-16 14:22:44 UTC


A Contao 4 bundle that provides several oEmbed widgets (Twitter, Instagram) for a website.


This bundle provides content elements that can be added to your website.

  1. Single Tweet
    A new content element to embed a single tweet.

  2. Twitter user timeline
    A new content element to embed a user's timeline.

  3. Instagram post
    Embed an Instagram post into your website.

  4. Facbeook page / post / video
    Embed a Facebook post, page or video into your website.

  5. TikTok video
    Embed a TikTok video into your website.

  6. Podigee Podcast
    Embed a Podigee Potcast into your website.

How does it work?

You provide a link to a tweet or post, the extension will fetch and output the embed code by the oEmbed provider.


Choose the installation method that matches your workflow!

Installation via Contao Manager

Search for terminal42/contao-oembed in the Contao Manager and add it to your installation. Finally, update the packages.

Manual installation

Add a composer dependency for this bundle. Therefore, change in the project root and run the following:

composer require terminal42/contao-oembed

Depending on your environment, the command can differ, i.e. starting with php composer.phar … if you do not have composer installed globally.

Then, update the database via the Contao install tool.


The Facebook API requires an access key to fetch oEmbed for Facebook or Instagram content.

You need to register your Contao installation as an app on facebook and create a app token according to the documentation: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/access-tokens#apptokens

The app token (or client token) can be set in the bundle configuration:

// config/config.yml
    facebook_token: 'xxxx|xxxx'

WARNING: If you do not configure a Facebook token, the extension will use a generic app authentication that is controlled by terminal42 and has request limits set by Facebook upon which we have no influence. The API token can be invalidated at any time without notice by terminal42 or Facebook.


This bundle is released under the MIT license