conditionalformfields extension for Contao Open Source CMS; Display form fields based on conditionis!

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3.1.0 2023-11-16 11:11 UTC


Allows you to display a form field based on a condition which allows you to do something like "only display the field when value of field 'foo' is 'bar' and 'bla' is 'yes'".

The condition is not entered directly at the form field, but a field set with start and end must be created. The condition can be entered in the start of field set. The field set can also be used to control several form fields in the view.

foo == 'bar' && bla == 'yes'

You can also check the array (e.g. multiple checkboxes or select menu):

in_array('bar', foo)

To validate a single checkbox simply compare its value:

foo == '1'

Note for Version 3

The field names had a prefix $ until version 3 - this is no longer necessary. When updating to version 3, the conditions are automatically adjusted.