This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Provides as front-end search interface for TYPO3 Neos

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This package provides a frontend search interface for TYPO3 Neos. TYPO3 Neos Nodes get indexed are search and findable. The results depends on the context. A visitor cannot find Nodes which are not in the live workspace(default). Publishing pages with node changes automatically update the node documents in index. There is no cron job needed to keep the index up to date. There is a command controller to add/update/remove all nodes in index. There is also a backend module provided for this.

This package uses the TechDivision.Search package as search backend.


This package and it's dependency the "TechDivision.Search" package have been added to Just require this package with the following command in the instance folder. It's dependency "TechDivision.Search" get's automatically installed too.

composer require techdivision/neos-search \*

I recommend to install composer globally.


To use the provided front-end plugin you have to integrate the needed TypoScript. Add the following line to the TypoScript of your Site package. For example in the "TYPO3.NeosDemoTypo3Org" Site in the file Resources / Private / TypoScripts / Library / Root.ts2

include: resource://TechDivision.Neos.Search/Private/TypoScript/Root.ts2

Now you are able to add the front end plugin in the backend.

Known Bugs

Adding the FE Plugin to a page in the backend throws an ExtDirect error

I think there is still a bug in Neos. Just refresh the page after adding and the plugin got added and everything works.

Search for other NodeTypes

It is possible to add other NodeTypes to the search index. Look into the Settings.yaml how to configure it.

Search for other Models

By default this package provides a search for Nodes of the type "TYPO3/TYPO3CR/Domain/Model/Node". It is possible to add other models. Just implement the factory interfaces and extend them in your package. The Interfaces to implement and factories to extend are listed below:

  • \TechDivision\Neos\Search\Factory\ResultFactoryInterface
  • \TechDivision\Neos\Search\Factory\ResultFactory
  • \TechDivision\Neos\Search\Factory\DocumentFactoryInterface
  • \TechDivision\Neos\Search\Factory\DocumentFactory

For using your own factories look into the Configuration/Objects.yaml how to configure that.


Use other search backend

The search backend in the TechDivision.Search package is completely convertible. Look into it's documentations to learn how to add an other search backend implementation. For using your own search backend look into the Configuration/Objects.yaml how to configure that.



This package is 100% test covered by unit tests. Only the command controller is not covered. This command controller was only for simple testing and debugging and should get removed in future.

The functional tests are currently not suitable because in testing context the database is set up but not filled with nodes. Probably i'll find a solution for this.

Last change in TYPO3 Flow broke coverage possibility for functional tests

The functional tests are currently not suitable, the last changes in the TYPO3 Flow framework made it nearly impossible to cover the code with 100%. There is already an issue for that in forge to fix it:

Design decisions

As search interface it uses the TechDivision.Search package. The TechDivision.Search package provides a generic search interface for (probably) various search backends.

This package is for TYPO3 Neos. Pages in Neos are represented as Nodes with the NodeType TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page. So every search result got it's "Page Node". By default only Nodes are supported for indexing and searching. Because there are various interfaces used and the implementation is selected in Objects.yaml there is the possibility to index and search for other models by extending the existing source in your own package.

To get most possibilities every node gets discrete indexed and searched. The results are the most suitable nodes and it's page reduced by page.

Why this namespace?

Until now this is a non-corporate project I made in my leisure time. I chose this namespace to participate at a company internal contest.


This belongs to the TYPO3 Flow package "TechDivision.Search"

It is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Copyright (C) 2013 Matthias Witte