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Package for correct JobPostings

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v2.1.0 2021-10-14 11:45 UTC


This is a package for integrating jobs into your site.
In order to be properly indexed as jobs in google (and other search engines), job semantics need to be correct.

This is a good read to start with:


TechDivision.Jobs is available via packagist. Add "techdivision/jobs" : "~1.0" to the require section of the composer.json or run composer require techdivision/jobs.

What this package offers

You can add the following NodeTypes:

  • Job Postings
  • Job Locations
  • Hiring Organization
  • Job List

If you use ttree/linkedData to provide proper json+ld, we also added the required options.

For editors

Add a Job Overview Document. There you find Content Collections for Locations and Organizations which you will need in your Job Postings.
Below the Job Overview, you can add Job Posting Documents. Wherever you want you can add a Job List that displays a simple table of your job offers.

For developers

This page only delivers some basic NodeTypes and Fusion rendering. You can adjust it to your needs as you want. We tried to follow Neos best practices. There is not much rendering for JobPostings whatsoever - this is hard to generalize. What we do is add microdata. If you want to display the properties to be e.g. inline-editable, you can do so.

Page output

If you are using your own Fusion Page Prototype instead of Neos.Neos:Page, please inherit from this Page Object

prototype(TechDivision.Jobs:Page) >
prototype(TechDivision.Jobs:Page) < prototype(Your.Awesome.Package:Document.PageTemplate)

More Information

If you want to change your logo in search results, check this:

Other packages

To make jobs complete, we do offer a set of packages:

Update notes

Breaking changes for update from 1.x.x to 2.x.x

The content of the property jobPostingEmploymentType will be lost due to the change of a variable text input to a predefined select.