A PHP tree data structure. Allows for referencing nodes by unique key.

v0.1.0 2014-05-22 00:12 UTC


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Tree Data Structure

This library aims to provide an object oriented way to create a tree data structure. Each node has a user defined unique id by which it is referenced.

Installing the project

Run composer require tebru/tree:1.0.*

Creating the tree

Creating a tree is really easy. All you have to do is instantiate it: $tree = new Tree(); This will create the tree object and create a root node to act upon.

Create a node

There are many options for creating a node.

  • Creating a node appended to the root node can be done like $tree->createNode('node');
  • If you want to add this node to a different node you can do so like $tree->createNode('node2', 'node');
  • You have the option to add arbitrary data to a node by doing $tree->createNode('a_category', null, 'Foo Category');
  • Finally, you can specify the position your node should appear in the parent's children like $tree->createNode('node', null, null, 10);
    • You may not specify an position for an index that does not already exist
    • Setting the position will bump all existing nodes back 1 space starting with the node at the specified index

Remove a node

Just pass in the node id: $tree->removeNode('node'); This will remove that node and all of its children from the tree.

Move a node

This is also easy. Just specify the node id of the node you wish to move and the node id of its new parent: $tree->moveNode('node', 'newNodeId');


Run tests by running phpunit from the root directory.


This project uses semantic versioning [http://semver.org] for versioning.