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7.0.0 2022-07-05 11:57 UTC

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Last update: 2023-03-05 13:16:17 UTC


Provides a cache backend for TYPO3 which enables storing caches in elasticsearch.



composer require teamneusta/elasticcache


Add a section to your local configuration configuring the cache. You can either reconfigure existing caches or add a new one for your own use. For more general information see the caching framework documentation (at

The following options can be set:

  • host: The elasticsearch host name (defaults to localhost)
  • port: The elasticsearch port (defaults to 9200)
  • path: The elasticsearch path (defaults to /)
  • transport: The elasticsearch transport protocol (defaults to http)
  • indexName: The index name to use for this cache - make sure to choose a different one per cache
  • typeName: The type name to use for this index
  • indexConfiguration: The path to index configuration where you can set alternating mappings and analyzers
  • defaultLifeTime: The default lifetime of a cache entry in this cache (in seconds - 0 means unlimited)


'SYS' => [
	 'caching' => [
		 'cacheConfigurations' => [
			 'my_cache' => [
				 'backend' => 'TeamNeusta\\Elasticcache\\Cache\\Backend\\ElasticsearchBackend',
				 'frontend' => 'TYPO3\\CMS\\Core\\Cache\\Frontend\\VariableFrontend',
				 'options' => [
					 'defaultLifetime' => 0,
					 'indexName' => 'my_cache_index_name'
					 'typeName' => 'my_cache_type_name'
					 'indexConfiguration' => 'EXT:myext/Configuration/Elastic/indexConfiguration.yaml'

Issues and Feedback

If you run into any issues, want to contribute or just give feedback, just use the github issue tracker.

Known issues

With TYPO3 10.0 the StringFrontend has been removed after being deprecated in TYPO3 9.2.
It is recommended to use the VariableFrontend instead. However, the VariableFrontend serializes the cache input per default unless the corresponding cache backend implements the TransientBackendInterface. To this extend the elasticcache-extension changes to the use of the TransientBackendInterface with v2.0 to allow insertion of valid json for cross-platform usage.