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Dues is meant to provide a high level API for processing payments, particularly subscriptions.

It is designed to be processor agnostic, but currently only supports Braintree.


Dues isn't currently published to packagist. Until it is, it is recommended that dues be installed from the main branch using composer's vcs functionality.

Your composer.json should include the following:

  "repositories": [
      "url": "https://github.com/teamgantt/dues",
      "type": "vcs"
  "require": {
    "teamgantt/dues": "dev-main",

See composer documentation for specifying a specific commit.


The high level API of dues is accessed by constructing a Dues instance with a gateway implementation.

use TeamGantt\Dues\Dues;
use TeamGantt\Dues\Processor\Braintree;

$gateway = new Braintree([
    'environment' => $_ENV['BRAINTREE_ENVIRONMENT'],
    'merchantId' => $_ENV['BRAINTREE_MERCHANT_ID'],
    'publicKey' => $_ENV['BRAINTREE_PUBLIC_KEY'],
    'privateKey' => $_ENV['BRAINTREE_PRIVATE_KEY'],

$dues = new Dues($gateway);

All functionality supported by dues can be found on the Dues class.

Note: some of dues' public API is mixed in via a trait.


Dues provides support for handling certain events via the the addListener method. This method expects an implementation of the EventListener interface.

interface EventListener
    public function onAfterCreateCustomer(Customer $customer): void;

    public function onAfterUpdateCustomer(Customer $customer): void;

    public function onBeforeCreateCustomer(Customer $customer): void;

    public function onBeforeUpdateCustomer(Customer $customer): void;

    public function onAfterCreateSubscription(Subscription $subscription): void;

    public function onAfterUpdateSubscription(Subscription $subscription): void;

    public function onBeforeCreateSubscription(Subscription $subscription): void;

    public function onBeforeUpdateSubscription(Subscription $subscription): void;

A listener can be removed by calling removeEventListener with the same instance.


Events are useful for logging, analytics, and other integrations (such as dealing with taxes).


Dues is developed against PHP version 8.1

A Dockerfile is provided for a consistent development environment.

The provided commands in bin/ assume a docker image named dues with a tag of dev. You can build this from the root of the repo:

docker build . -t dues:dev

It is recommended, though not necessary, to use direnv for development. If direnv is installed, the .envrc file will automatically be loaded when entering the project directory. This will allow developers to use the php and composer commands without having to install them locally. All composer commands will be run transparently through the docker container.

Executing from the docker container without direnv

You can use the scripts provided in bin/ directly

$ bin/composer test


Dues aims for very high test coverage. Tests are written using PHPUnit.

The test suite is broken into unit tests and integration tests.

Individual mileage may vary when running integration tests locally, but the suite is designed to be run in a CI environment. CI tests run against a BrainTree sandbox environment configured by TeamGantt.

To run unit tests locally, run composer test:unit.

To run integration tests locally, run composer test:integration.

Integration and unit tests are not separated by any kind of file naming convention, but instead they are grouped together. An integration test should be annotated using a @group annotation.

 * @group integration
public function testAProcesserRequest()


Tests are organized by feature in the tests/Feature directory.

BrainTree tests

In order to ensure a consistent test environment, the Braintree tests are run against a sandbox environment. It is important that "duplicate transaction checking" is disabled. This will allow integrations to run tests with the same data multiple times without unexpected results.

Please see the Braintree documentation for more information on configuring duplicate transaction checking.


Dues aims to be consistent in style and type correctness. Code conventions are enforced using PHP_CodeSniffer. The list of conventions can be found in the .php-cs-fixer.php file.

Static analysis is perfomed using phpstan. See phpstan.neon for configuration.

There are composer scripts provided for checking conventions and running static analysis.

$ composer run fix
$ composer run check
$ composer run analyse

Note: composer run fix will automatically fix any CodeSniffer issues that can be fixed automatically. This is not always possible, so it is recommended that composer run check be run before committing code.