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Is a simple storage to hold values and value providers.


$ composer require tasoft/value-storage


The value storage can be used like a simple array.
In addition, it accepts values with a specific characteristic: They are resolvable on demand.

use TASoft\Util\ValueStorage;

$vp = new ValueStorage(["value1" => 23]);
$vp->value2 = 44;
$vp["value3"] = 'Hello World';

// The values are fetchable by properties or array access:
echo $vp->value3; // 'Hello World'
echo $vp["value1"]; // 23

This behaviour is not yet special.
But take a look at this:

use TASoft\Util\ValueStorage;

$vp = new ValueStorage(["test" => $func1 = function() { return 23; }]);
// or
$vp["other-test"] = $func2 = function() { return "Hello World"; };

// You can assign a callback using the constructor, a property name or by array access.

// Fetching the value provider is done by then get() method
echo $func1 === $vp->get('test'); // TRUE
// or
echo $func1 === $vp->test; // TRUE

// And fetching the real value is done by getValue or array access
echo $vp->getValue('test'); // 23
// or
echo $vp["test"]; // 23 !

In the same way like callbacks objects implementing TASoft\Util\Value\ValueInterface are working.

Passing an object implementing TASoft\Util\Value\ValueInterfaces injects the returned values from that object. You can assign such an object by any property or key or simply the addValue() method.