Simple library to manipulate virtual paths

v1.5.8 2023-02-06 08:00 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-06 09:15:27 UTC


This PHP library is a small tool to manage virtual paths.
Virtual paths are paths that don't have to exist on file system.

That leads to the problem of recognize if a path is a directory or a file.
To solve this problem, the library declares virtual paths using the following notations:

  • Path with leading / is a zero path or absolute path.
  • Path with tailing / is a directory
  • component .. is parent directory
  • component . is current directory
  • empty components are ignored (ex: /path///to/file.txt => /path/to/file.txt)

So the Path Tool provides two methods to determine if a path is a zero path or a directory

use TASoft\Util\PathTool;
PathTool::isZeroPath("/my/path");       // TRUE
PathTool::isZeroPath("../path/");       // FALSE

PathTool::isDirectory("my/path/to/");   // TRUE
PathTool::isDirectory("/my/path.txt");  // FALSE
PathTool::isDirectory("/my/path.txt/"); // TRUE

The core of PathTool is the method yieldPathComponents. It feeds other methods with path components. You can also use it directly with options described here:

  • OPTION_RESOLVE: Resolves empty directories, parent and current directories.
  • OPTION_DENY_OUT_OF_BOUNDS: Does not allow to choose parent directory of root directory (ex: /root/path/../../../)
  • OPTION_YIELD_ROOT: If a zero path, yields / as first component.
  • OPTION_YIELD_COMPONENT: Yields PathComponent object instead of strings.
  • OPTION_ALL: Include all options described before.
// Use bitwise operators to join options:
$options = PathTool::OPTION_RESOLVE | PathTool::OPTION_YIELD_ROOT;

// Or subtract them
$options = PathTool::OPTION_ALL & ~PathTool::OPTION_DENY_OUT_OF_BOUNDS & ~PathTool::OPTION_YIELD_ROOT;


use TASoft\Util\PathTool;

// Normalize
echo PathTool::normalize("/my/path/./to////oops/../../file.txt"); // /my/path/file.txt
echo PathTool::normalize("/path/../../");                         // Fails!
// Out of bounds!                  ^^

echo PathTool::normalize("path/../../");                          // ../

// Relative
// Works only with zero paths!
echo PathTool::relative("/my/dir/1/", "/my/dir/1/file.txt");      // file.txt
echo PathTool::relative("/my/dir/1/", "my/dir/1/file.txt");       // Fails!
// not a zero path                     ^

echo PathTool::relative("/my/dir/1", "/my/dir/2");                // 2 (because /my/dir/1 is a file)
echo PathTool::relative("/my/dir/1/", "/my/dir/2");               // ../2

echo PathTool::relative("/my/dir/1", "/my/dir/2/");               // 2/
echo PathTool::relative("/my/dir/1/", "/my/dir/2/");              // ../2/

echo PathTool::relative("/path/file.txt", "/path/file.txt");      // ""
echo PathTool::relative("/path/file.txt", "/path/");              // ./

Real Path Tool

The RealPathTool allows to perform simple task on real files and directories such as iterating over contents.

use TASoft\Util\RealPathTool as Tool;