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Last update: 2024-02-08 19:34:13 UTC


This library extends the builtin PDO object by several useful features.

It adds Php generators to fetch rows and insert or update records.


$gen = $PDO->select("SELECT * FROM XXX");
// Now $gen is a generator, that means nothing happens until you want to fetch the records.

// ... more code

// Now, fetch the SQL records:
foreach($gen as $record) {
    // ... 

also allowed is:

$gen = $PDO->select("SELECT * FROM XXX WHERE id = ?", [$objectID]);
// For secure SQL request.

Injecting Records

$gen = $PDO->inject("INSERT INTO XXX (name, email) VALUES (?, ?)");
// Now again nothing happend yet.

// To insert records, just use.

$gen->send(["Thomas", "email@example.org"]);
// As many times you want!

Please note that the SQL syntax is directly passed to the built-in Php PDO object. See those documentation for more information about the SQL scripting language.


The library also allows to map values from raw format of a data base into objects and backwards.

$PDO->setTypeMapper( new DateMapper() );
// Now the methods selectWithObjects and injectWithObjects will convert raw values into their object values.

$record = $PDO->selectOneWithObjects("SELECT * FROM XXX");
Might look like:
Array (
    'the_date' => TASoft\Util\ValueObject\Date ... ,
    'the_date_time' => TASoft\Util\ValueObject\DateTime ... ,
    'the_time' => TASoft\Util\ValueObject\Time ...

// SQL:
    the_date DATE DEFAULT NULL,
    the_date_time DATETIME DEFAULT NULL,
    the_time TIME DEFAULT NULL

// This also works backward:
$newDate = new TASoft\Util\ValueObject\Date("1999-05-23");
$PDO->injectWithObjcts("UPDATE XXX SET the_date = ? WHERE ...")->send([$newDate, ...]);

// Using MapperChain allows to combine more than one type mapper.

Another advantage is the ability to perform transactions.
Transactions combine several SQL statements and make sure that everyone of them is performed successfully.
Like: All or nothing

$PDO->transaction(function() {
    /** @var TASoft\Util\PDO $this */
    $this->exec( .... );

If anywhere inside the code an exception occures, the transaction will be cancelled (rollBack).