PHP library to enable key-value coding for your objects.

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Key Value Coding

PHP Library to implement key-value coding This library defined 3 interfaces to enable key-value coding, key-value changing and key-value observing. Key-value coding is known as accessing properties, such as attributes or relationships of an object via keys. The key-value-coding library ships with 2 traits that implement the coding and changing interfaces.


Every object that has methods named get* and set* can be used for key-value coding. The Object\CodingTrait implements the default mechanism which has the following workflow:
Getting a key:

echo $object->userName;

will do:

// If key does exist
// If key does not exist

and the same for

$object->userName = "tasoft";

but using the __set, setValueForKey, setUserName or setValueForUndefinedKey instead.

Key Paths

Keypaths are defined as identifier to trace objects by its relationships. For example, an address object contains an attribute named country and a user contains a relationship to an address object, you can access the country attribute by using

echo $user->valueForKeyPath("address.country");
// or
echo $user["address.country"];