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View Helper for beautiful JS notifications.

2.0.2 2017-04-13 13:11 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-09-08 02:54:08 UTC


New version is here! Current version support Zend Framework 3

View Helper for showing flash messages with help of NOTY jQuery plugin http://ned.im/noty/#/about
You must include the latest release of jQuery and Bootstrap.

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Add in composer.json file and than run composer update

"require": {

The module should be registered in config/application.config.php

'modules' => array(

After that, copy 2 JS files from vendor/tasmaniski/zend-flash-noty-messenger/asset/
and put it on path public/js/noty/

mkdir public/js/noty/
cp vendor/tasmaniski/zend-flash-noty-messenger/asset/jquery.noty.packaged.js public/js/noty/jquery.noty.packaged.js
cp vendor/tasmaniski/zend-flash-noty-messenger/asset/jquery.noty.config.js public/js/noty/jquery.noty.config.js


In layout.phtml somewhere at the end trigger fire()

 * The fire() method do
 *     Collect all messages from previous and current request
 *     clear current messages because we will show it
 *     add JS files
 *     add JS notifications
<?php $this->flashNoty()->fire(); ?>

<!-- if you already don't have this line, must add it for including JS files -->
<?php echo $this->inlineScript() ?>

Example from my code

//  at the end of layout.phtml

/* fire all messages */
<?php $this->flashNoty()->fire(); ?>

<!-- All Scripts to the bottom! -->
<?php echo $this->inlineScript()  // we call here inlineScript()
    ->appendFile($this->basePath('js/bootstrap.js')); ?>

Note: if you want to use it in ZF2 app, add in composer.json version ^1.0


Use it in any controller.
Add messages in your controller and the messages will be showed (in redirected request or current)

$this->flashMessenger()->addSuccessMessage('Success message, bravo!');
$this->flashMessenger()->addErrorMessage('Error with system, contact us.');
$this->flashMessenger()->addInfoMessage('Info message, to do whatever...');
$this->flashMessenger()->addWarningMessage('Warning message to be careful.');


I would like to give a credit to my colleague https://github.com/maksi80 for CSS style of notifications.