v2.1.0 2013-11-04 20:31 UTC


Tasker is simple & powerful task runner written in php

With support of "multi threading" - make your tasks done very fast.


###Minimal configuration Example of usage Tasker with default tasks


define('ROOT', realpath(__DIR__ . '/..'));

require ROOT . '/libs-dev/autoload.php';

$tasker = new \Tasker\Tasker;
$tasker->addConfig(ROOT . '/config/tasker.json')
	//->addConfig(array('rootPath' => ROOT))
	->registerTask(new \Tasker\Copy\CopyFilesTask(), 'copy')
	->registerTask(new \Tasker\Concat\ConcatFilesTask(), 'js');

##Available settings example of settings from file ROOT . '/config/tasker.json'

	  "multithreading": {
	    "allow": true,
	    "limit": 10,
	    "sleep": 1,
	    "storage": "temp/results"
	  "rootPath": "/path/to/your/repository",
	  "verbose": "false",


multithreading[sleep]: value in seconds, make CPU to do it
multithreading[storage]: for storing results in diferrent threads
rootPath: default is *getcwd()*
verbose: if you are runnig script from console, value is set to TRUE