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Bundle allowing to easily implement a chain of responsibility pattern

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A simple bundle that helps to integrate a chain of responsibility pattern through Symfony (3.3 and onwards supported). PHP 7.1 is required.

To install it through composer, you just need to require the taluu/chain-of-responsibility-bundle package. Other methods (zip, ... and so on) are supported but you're on your own. :P


To declare a chain of responsibility, each items must implement the ChainOfResponsibility\LinkInterface interface, declaring a successor (if there is one). How the object is executed is your concern. :}

An AbstractLink is given if you want to just implement a simple Chain of Responsibility pattern. Just extend it, and just implement the doHandle method.

Once you have your chained services, all you have to do is specify them in the bundle's configuration :

        - foo_service
        - Bar\Baz
        # - ...

        - Bar\Baz
        - baz_service
        # - ...

    # ... and so on

The items are services identifiers, so these should be declared.

Injecting Chains

In the case you would want to inject the chains, the tip of each chain is aliased to a chain_of_responsibility.chains.{{ name }} (e.g chain_of_responsibility.chains.my_first_chain). So use that identifier to inject the correct chain.


Tested through PHPUnit 6. So just run the tests and it should be all green. :}

Looking for more ?

Checks out more information on this design pattern ;