Extension for connection TYPO3 with SYSSY.

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Extension for connecting TYPO3 with SYSSY platform.

SYSSY is an online platform for managing and monitoring websites. We provide plugins to connect different CMS (content management systems) with SYSSY, so we can receive data about your website and inform you if there is any problem or if any security updates are necessary in your system or on your server. On SYSSY platform you can see a list of all your projects and if there is any need for a security update in your websites.

You can connect your TYPO3 website and SYSSY to this TYPO3 extension. Just get your project API key from and connect your website with SYSSY. SYSSY calls your TYPO3 website via a specific page type and fetches your TYPO3 version, a list of installed extensions and their versions and PHP and MySQL version.

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This extension works with

  • TYPO3 10
  • TYPO3 11

Older versions of this extension work with

  • TYPO3 7
  • TYPO3 8
  • TYPO3 9

Installation & Configuration

Find a full documentation in the TYPO3 documentation of the plugin


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