Laravel package allows you to generate an iframe tag with a video player depending on a youtube URL.

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YouTube Frame Generator

Laravel package allows you to generate an iframe tag with a video player depending on a YouTube URL.

1 - Dependency

The first step is using composer to install the package and automatically update your composer.json file, you can do this by running:

composer require syrian-open-source/laravel-youtube-iframe-generator
2 - Copy the package providers to your local config with the publish command, this will publish the config:
php artisan yframe:install


basic usage:

{!! \SOS\LaravelYoutubeFrameGenerator\Facades\YFrameFacade::generate('')!!}

Or you can use the directive


If you want to set your css, attributes, height, width or fullscreen allowed:

{!! \SOS\LaravelYoutubeFrameGenerator\Facades\YFrameFacade::width('100%')
        ->generate(''); !!}

Using the directive

@yframe('', [
    'width'     => '100%',
    'height'    => '400px',
    'isFullscreen'  => true,


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