A set of php artisan aliases (for windows only)

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This package is meant to be installed globally, and it's a set of aliases for php artisan commands. It doesn't require anything to be installed just add it with composer as a global dependency, run the installation command, and you're good to go.

composer global require syrian-open-source/laravel-short-artisan


Once this package is installed go to any Laravel project folder and use it:

# basic usage
art make:model Post -crm # short for php artisan make:model Post -crm
# you can make it shorter like this
model Post -crm

List of available aliases

Alias Command
art php artisan
clear php artisan optimize:clear
controller php artisan make:controller
event php artisan make:event
factory php artisan make:factory
fresh php artisan migrate:fresh
link php artisan storage:link
listen php artisan queue:listen
listener php artisan make:listener
factory php artisan make:factory
make php artisan make:
mail php artisan make:mail
middleware php artisan make:middleware
migrate php artisan migrate
migration php artisan make:migration
model php artisan make:model
mtest php artisan make:test
notification php artisan make:notification
pest php artisan make:test --pest
policy php artisan make:policy
publish php artisan vendor:publish
request php artisan make:request
resource php artisan make:resource
seed php artisan seed
seeder php artisan make:seeder
serve php artisan serve
test php artisan test
tinker php artisan make:tinker


To remove the aliases all you have to do is run this command:



  • Add uninstall command
  • Add support to all artisan commands
  • Refactor commands with symfony/console
  • Add output to commands


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