Some extensions to the default SS test structures to allow parametrisation in CI builds, as well as a framework for selenium testing.

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4.1.2 2018-12-11 03:08 UTC


Adds several helpers to the base SilverStripe testing framework to simplify hooking the testing process into CI servers such as Jenkins, by parameterising several configuration options.

Additionally, the module provides the SymbioteSeleniumTestCase which provides a simpler API for writing Selenium powered tests.

Command line parameters

To help with test execution, there's a few parameters that can be used to assist in speeding things up if you're repeatedly running tests.

  • build=0 - do not perform a dev/build during test initialisation
  • clean=0 - do not wipe out existing database state
  • flush=0 - do not perform a manifest flush during test initialisation


To run just the selenium tests, a commandline such as

php vendor/silverstripe/framework/cli-script.php dev/tests/module/test-assist \ 
  flush=1 build=1 selenium_host= browser=firefox \
  test_url= test_type=SymbioteSeleniumTestCase SkipTests=symbioteseleniumtestcase \
  admin_user=admin admin_pass=admin

Note: The trailing slash in the URL is important!

should get you going. Note that you will need to have selenium server running for this to work. A command such as the following will start selenium server in a virtual framebuffer, meaning the windows don't launch all over your screen!

/usr/bin/xvfb-run -e /var/log/selenium/xvfb-selenium.log -n 10 \
  -s "-screen 10 1024x768x8" \
  java -jar /home/path/to/programs/selenium-server-standalone-2.39.0.jar  \
  -port 4444 -log /var/log/selenium/server.log 

However it can be useful to run the selenium server directly from the commandline to debug why a test has failed.

Diagnostic tools

Swap from using MySQLDatabase to DevMySQLDatabase in your DB config

Name: dev_filters
        - %$QueryDisplayFilter
        - %$RequestTimerFilter


To hook codeception up for your project, you will need to create a codeception.yml config file at the top level of your project.

  - mymodule/codeception
  log: path/to/logdir

codeception.yml defines the paths of modules to be included in the test runs.

Within your module, you can then create a namespaced project specific set of tests to be included in that top level path.

  • mkdir modulename/codeception
  • cd modulename/codeception
  • ../../vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap --namespace modulenamespace
  • mv codeception.yml codeception.dist.yml
  • touch .gitignore

Note that 'modulenamespace' can be anything, as long as it's a valid PHP namespace string

Next, create a new codeception.yml file that contains just your local environment codeception configuration; this will typically be the local URL for developer testing, ie

            url: http://project.clients.sslocal
            browser: chrome 

Update modulename/codeception/tests/functional.suite.xml and add a couple of modules

class_name: FunctionalTester
        - \modulename\Helper\Functional
        - WebDriver # new
        - \Symbiote\TestAssist\SilverstripeFunctional # new

Update modulename/codeception/tests/_bootstrap.php to include the SilverstripFunctional helper

// This is global bootstrap for autoloading
include_once 'test-assist/code/codeception/SilverstripeFunctional.php';

Update modulename/codeception/tests/unit/_bootstrap.php to set up the environment for unit testing:

// Unit testing specific setup
include_once 'vendor/silverstripe/framework/tests/bootstrap.php';

Now, add the following to .gitignore


Include your module in the top level codeception.yml

  - modulename/codeception

And lastly, start writing tests! In modulename/codeception/tests/functional/FirstTestCept.php


use \Codeception\Util\Locator;

$I = new \modulenamespace\FunctionalTester($scenario);

$I->wantTo("Test the homepage");

In modulename/codeception/tests/unit/SmokeTest.php


class PageTest extends SapphireTest {

    public function testMyMethod() {
        $this->assertEquals(2, Page::MyMethod());

From the top level of the project

$ ./vendor/bin/codecept run

A note on better buttons

Some of the in-built helper methods won't work if better buttons is installed. If this the case, add

\Symbiote\TestAssist\SilverstripeFunctional.use_better_buttons: true

in codeception.dist.yml