PHP class that creates animated GIF from multiple images

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GifCreator is a PHP class to create animated GIF from multiple images

For what ?

This class helps you to create an animated GIF image: give multiple images and their duration and that's it !


1 - Creation:

// Create an array containing file paths, resource var (initialized with imagecreatefromXXX), 
// image URLs or even binary code from image files.
// All sorted in order to appear.
$frames = array(
    imagecreatefrompng("/../images/pic1.png"), // Resource var
    "/../images/pic2.png", // Image file path
    file_get_contents("/../images/pic3.jpg"), // Binary source code
    '', // URL

// Create an array containing the duration (in millisecond) of each frames (in order too)
$durations = array(40, 80, 40, 20);

// Initialize and create the GIF !
$gc = new GifCreator();
$gc->create($frames, $durations, 5);

The 3rd parameter of create() method allows you to choose the number of loop of your animated gif before it stops. In the previous example, I chose 5 loops. Set 0 (zero) to get an infinite loop.

2 - Get the result:

You can now get the animated GIF binary:

$gifBinary = $gc->getGif();

Then you can show it in the navigator:

header('Content-type: image/gif');
header('Content-Disposition: filename="butterfly.gif"');
echo $gifBinary;

Or save it in a folder as a GIF:

file_put_contents('/myfolder/animated_picture.gif', $gifBinary);


  • The transparency is based on the first given frame. It will be saved only if you give multiple frames with same transparent background.
  • The dimensions of the generated GIF are based on the first frame. If you need to resize your frames to get the same dimension, you can use this class:


The class reuses some part of code of "GIFEncoder.class.php" by László Zsidi (thanks to him).