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v7.0.3 2020-11-23 05:46 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-23 12:42:59 UTC


This is a view templating engine which is extracted from Laravel. It's independent without relying on Laravel's Container or any others.


With Composer, you just need to run

composer require luoyy/blade

If you haven't use composer, you should add all the files in folder src to your project folder, and then require them in your code.

If you need to run on php5, switch to the php5 branch


require './vendor/autoload.php';

use luoyy\Blade\Compilers\BladeCompiler;
use luoyy\Blade\Engines\CompilerEngine;
use luoyy\Blade\Engines\EngineResolver;
use luoyy\Blade\Engines\FileEngine;
use luoyy\Blade\Engines\PhpEngine;
use luoyy\Blade\Factory;
use luoyy\Blade\Filesystem\Filesystem;
use luoyy\Blade\FileViewFinder;

$path = ['view_path']; // your view file path, it's an array
$cachePath = '/cache_path'; // compiled file path

$file = new Filesystem;
$compiler = new BladeCompiler($file, $cachePath);

// you can add a custom directive if you want
$compiler->directive('datetime', function ($timestamp) {
    return preg_replace('/(\(\d+\))/', '<?php echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $1); ?>', $timestamp);
$compiler->if('env', function ($test) {
    return $test == '123';
$compiler->component('components.alert', 'alert');
$resolver = new EngineResolver;
$resolver->register('file', function () {
    return new FileEngine;
$resolver->register('php', function () {
    return new PhpEngine;
$resolver->register('blade', function () use ($compiler) {
    return new CompilerEngine($compiler);
$finder = new FileViewFinder($file, $path);

// get an instance of factory
$factory = new Factory($resolver, $finder);

// if your view file extension is not php or blade.php, use this to add it
$factory->addExtension('tpl', 'blade');

// render the template file and echo it
echo $factory->make('hello', ['a' => 1, 'b' => 2])->render();

You can enjoy almost all the features of blade with this extension. However, remember that some of exclusive features are removed.

You can't:

  • use @inject @can @cannot @lang in a template file
  • add any events or middleawares


Thanks for Laravel and it authors. That is a great project.