Fix iframe elements in order to comply to AVG

1.0.0 2018-05-28 13:44 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 03:22:28 UTC


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This package will look for <iframe>-elements in a HTML-snippet, and "fix" it in order to play nicely with our cookiebar.


composer require swisnl/avg-safe-iframes

What it does

  1. Replace the src-attribute with data-src (so the iframe won't load right away)
  2. Adds a class to the element (cookie-settings-*), so the cookiebar knows if it complies with the users preferences. The default class is for tracking-cookies.

How to use it

Via the class:

$avgSafeIframe = new \Swis\AvgSafeIframes\AvgSafeIframes();

$text = '<div><iframe class="foo-bar" src="http:///www.example.com"></iframe></div>';

return $avgSafeIframe->fix($text);

// <div><iframe class="foo-bar cookie-settings-tracking" data-src="http:///www.example.com"></iframe></div>

Via the helper (in a blade-template, for example):

{!! safeAvgIframes($text) !!}

In both scenario's, you could provide a second parameter to add a different class. Please use one of the AvgSafeIframes::MODE*_ constants:



  • Add a (Laravel) middleware so you won't have to manually use the helper