Extension for automatic deployment of fbt framework translations for Laravel

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Laravel FBT sync

This library allows you to import native phrases and automatically deploy reviewed translations.

Get started with Swiftyper Translations


📦 Installing

$ composer require swiftyper/laravel-fbt-sync

🔧 Configuration

These steps are required:

  1. Register your FBT project on Swiftyper Translations

  2. Publish config file:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Swiftyper\fbt\IntlServiceProvider" --tag=swiftyper-config
  1. Set option api_key in /config/fbt.php.

  2. Init project settings:

$ php artisan swiftyper:fbt --init


The following options can be defined:

  • api_key string: Project API key (required)
  • routes bool: Enable routes: /intl/deploy, /intl/upload, /intl/sync
  • verify_signature bool: Verify signature from response

🚀 Artisan Command

php artisan swiftyper:fbt


Option Description
--deploy Deploy reviewed app translations
--upload Upload phrases/translations to swiftyper (from default storage)
--upload=[path] Upload phrases/translations to swiftyper
--init Connect fbt project with swiftyper
--pretty Pretty print output

📜 License

The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.