Svea Ekonomi payments. Invoice, Payment Plan, Card, Directbank.

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1.6.8 2019-05-06 13:07 UTC

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This module uses Svea Ekonomi's integration packages The integration packages requires php extensions for SOAP and cURL.


To install, go to your Magento root folder and run

composer require sveaekonomi/magento2-module

Run upgrade scripts

php bin/magento setup:upgrade


In your magento admin, go to Stores->Configuration->Sales->Payment Methods

"Hosted Settings" refers to credentials for both Bank and Card payments.

For invoice and payment plan, make sure your Svea account's country the allowed country in Magento.


You can set a payment handling fee on your invoice payments. Go to the settings for Invoice and enter the fee excluding tax. You can set the tax class for the fee under Stores->Configuration->Sales->Tax->Tax Classes

Payment plan

To update you active payment plan campaigns, enter your credentials and save. Then click on the Update Campaigns button. When your campaigns appear, save your settings again.

Card payment

If Capture card order on confirmation is set to yes, the Magento order will be invoiced when receiving the callback from Svea. If set to no, you will invioce the order manually.

Direct bank payment

Bank orders cannot be invoiced until they are captured at Svea.