Generate diff.sql file, which contains difference between schema.yml and current database structure

0.4.1 2017-05-17 19:48 UTC


= sfPropelSqlDiffPlugin =

sfPropelSqlDiff plugin generates database sql patch, which contains difference beetween schema.yml and current database structure.

== Description ==
It provides new symfony task - propel:build-sql-diff which will create file propel.diff.sql with ALTER TABLE statements, whitch will make current database structure 
exactly as it described in schema.yml without deleting data in tables as it does propel:build-sql task.

Currently it handles:
 - creation and deletion of tables/fields/indexes/foreign keys
 - changing fields/indexes/foreign keys

Plugin is in beta state now. It is tested only for mysql. You can discuss it at [ thread in symfony forum]

== Usage ==

After making changes in schema.yml
  php symfony propel:build-sql-diff

Then you can find sql file at data/sql/propel.diff.sql

To execute propel.diff.sql
  php symfony propel:insert-sql-diff
To run model rebuild and apply database changes to database 
  php symfony propel:build-all-diff

You can also specify connection name if you have more than one database, application name, environment. For more info please take a look at
  php symfony help propel:build-sql-diff