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Last update: 2022-09-23 14:30:36 UTC


Sura\View is a standalone version of Blade Template Engine that uses a single PHP file and can be ported and used in different projects. It allows you to use blade template outside Laravel.


If you use composer, then you could add the library using the next command (command line)

composer require sura/view

If you don't use it, then you could download the library and include it manually.

Implicit definition

use Sura\View\View;

$views = __DIR__ . '/views';
$cache = __DIR__ . '/cache';
$blade = new View($views,$cache,View::MODE_DEBUG); // MODE_DEBUG allows to pinpoint troubles.
echo $blade->run("hello",array("variable1"=>"value1")); // it calls /views/hello.blade.php

Where $views is the folder where the views (templates not compiled) will be stored. $cache is the folder where the compiled files will be stored.

In this example, the BladeOne opens the template hello. So in the views folder it should exist a file called hello.blade.php