Tag input field for Laravel Nova.

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4.0.1 2022-10-11 10:01 UTC

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This plugin incorporate the Vue Tags Input plugin by Johannes Munari into Laravel Nova by creating a new field type.

Nova Tag Input

Nova 4

This release must be used with Nova version 4 and above. Thanks to @dmason30 for the PR. To install a Nova 3 compatible version please see at the end.


Using Composer:

composer require superlatif/nova-tag-input



Tags::make(__("Tags"), 'tags')
    ->help("Press ENTER to add tag")
    ->placeholder("Add a new tag")
    ->addOnKeys([13, ':', ';', ',']) // 13 = Enter key
        'New York',

Autocomplete items from Eloquent

$tags = Tag::pluck('title')->get();
Tags::make(__("Tags"), 'tags')
    // ...
    // ...


Parameter Description Type Default
autocompleteItems Array of strings used for autocompletion Array -
addOnKeys Set of characters triggering tag insertion Array [13]
separators Defines characters which split text into tags (useful when copy-pasting) Array [';']
placeholder Hint displayed when the field is empty or after a list of existing tags String -
addFromPaste Tags can be created from pasted text Boolean true
addOnBlur Tag is created when field loses focus Boolean true
addOnlyFromAutocomplete Only allow tag creation from the autocompleteItems array Boolean false
allowEditTags Allow inline tag edition Boolean false
autocompleteAlwaysOpen Autocomplete list remains open Boolean false
autocompleteFilterDuplicates Removes duplicates from autocomplete list Boolean true
autocompleteMinLength The minimum text that must be entered before autocomplete Boolean 1
avoidAddingDuplicates Prevent duplicated tags Boolean true
deleteOnBackspace Delete tags using backspace Boolean true
disabled Disable the field Boolean false
maxTags Max number of tags Boolean -


To use a Nova 3 compatible version please use the following command:

composer require superlatif/nova-tag-input:3.0

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