Webpack engine for Silverstripe without any theme at all. Inspired and HUGE THANK YOU to: andrewhaine/silverstripe-webpack-theme

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12.0.1 2023-02-03 08:55 UTC


This webpack install allows you to compile any project / vendor/package.

It uses symphony encore to make it fly!


  • Install this to your themes folder as sswebpack_engine_only (composer should do this automatically)

  • Make sure you are on the latest version of node and npm (you could use nvm for this).

  • run npm install in the root folder of module.

  • See the examples-from-root-of-project folder for the files you need to create.

  • Expose the dist folder in the public resources folder, using composer, as per usual.

  • Browse to the root folder of this module and use the following commands:


npm run MY_COMMAND --theme_dir=themes/mytheme`


npm run MY_COMMAND --theme_dir=vendor/myvendor/mypackage/client`

Where MY_COMMAND can be

  • dev (debug),
  • watch (develop), or
  • build (prepare for production).

Good to know

required structure

  • Your theme name can be anything. We use mytheme as an example name. You can also use this webpack on vendor packages.

  • the main.js and style.scss show you to include JS and CSS from other parts.

  • Add a themes/mytheme/dist folder for the final output.

  • Add a themes/mytheme/my_node_modules/ to include other modules (using a package.json file inside that folder). You can also include node modules in mytheme/src by adding a package.json file, i.e. running npm init -y && npm install in the mytheme/src folder.


  • jQuery has been aliased so that you can use jQuery anywhere without importing it.

  • jQuery can also be added to the global namespace: window.jQuery = jquery (untested).

Editor File

  • There is an option to also include an editor file so that you can add it to your TinyMCE HTML Editor. Run the watch / build command you will see the configurations available.