Enum classes

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composer require sunkan/enum


use Sunkan\Enum\Enum;

 * Action enum
class Action extends Enum
    private const VIEW = 'view';
    private const EDIT = 'edit';


$action = Action::fromValue('view');

// or
$action = Action::VIEW();

As you can see, static methods are automatically implemented to provide quick access to an enum value.

One advantage over using class constants is to be able to type-hint enum values:

function setAction(Action $action) {
    // ...


  • __toString() You can echo $myValue, it will display the enum value (value of the constant)
  • getValue() Returns the current value of the enum
  • getKey() Returns the key of the current value on Enum
  • is() Tests whether enum instances are equal (returns true if enum values are equal, false otherwise)

Static methods:

  • fromValue() The named constructor checks that the value exist in the enum
  • toArray() method Returns all possible values as an array (constant name in key, constant value in value)
  • keys() Returns the names (keys) of all constants in the Enum class
  • values() Returns instances of the Enum class of all Enum constants (constant name in key, Enum instance in value)
  • isValid() Check if tested value is valid on enum set
  • isValidKey() Check if tested key is valid on enum set
  • search() Return key for searched value