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3.0.0 2016-02-04 13:00 UTC

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What does it do?

The TYPO3 Extension substaff uses tables, relations and fields from tt_address to display people and groups in the frontend.

Nkwsubfeprojects is also required for this extension to display the project members and vice versa the relation from person to projects.

This extensions has been rewritten based on the pi_base extension nkwsubstaff that becomes obsolete.

Technical Stuff

The Extension is written using the Extbase Framework and Fluid as templating engine and is tested to work in TYPO3 version >= 4.6

Required third party extensions

  • fed
  • nkwsubfeprojects
  • tt_address
  • t3jquery


JavaScript is solely used in a very small part - just for persisting your clicks on person's or group's list entries until the next click or reload.

The JavaSript file Substaff.js is located in Resources/Public/JavaScript/ and included in the default layout with a fed view helper. The JavaScript itself is generated with CoffeeScript, for details on CoffeeScript see

The required Extension t3jquery may evaluate the t3jquery.txt file that is provided in this extension.

Installation and configuration

Install this extension and all dependencies and insert the shipped TypoScript.

Make sure that nkwaddressextend is not installed to avoid possible collisions


  • Write a nice backend module to administrate all entries
  • Add relation for room numbers to have it normalized - these must be in relation to the buildings table
  • Provide realurl configuration
  • Extract vocabulary for group leadings (triple?)
  • Showing events and publications should be configurable


For viewing a detailed ChangeLog use

git log --pretty=medium