A Drupal Authentication Module.

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8.3.5 2023-07-17 20:18 UTC


Version: 8.x-2.x

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Maintainers: jbickar, sherakama, pookmish


Additional enhancements to the Drupal contrib module SimpleSamlPHP Auth. See the contrib module for more documentation.


Follow installation guide provided by SimpleSamlPHP Auth


SimpleSAMLphp - you must have SimpleSAMLphp version 1.6 or newer installed and configured to operate as a service provider (SP).

See more at the documentaion for SimpleSamlPHP Auth


The main configuration page can be found at: /admin/config/people/simplesamlphp_auth

To use the workgroup API, you must work with the MAIS team to get a valid certificate. V1 API certificates do not automatically work with the V2 API.


Send a helpsu to Stanford Web Services or post an issue to the GitHub issue queue.

Contribution / Collaboration

You are welcome to contribute functionality, bug fixes, or documentation to this module. If you would like to suggest a fix or new functionality you may add a new issue to the GitHub issue queue or you may fork this repository and submit a pull request. For more help please see GitHub's article on fork, branch, and pull requests



Steps to build a new release:

  • Checkout the latest commit from the 8.x-2.x branch.
  • Create a new branch for the release.
  • Commit any necessary changes to the release branch.
    • These may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Update the version in any info.yml files, including in any submodules.
    • Update the CHANGELOG to reflect the changes made in the new release.
  • Make a PR to merge your release branch into master
  • Give the PR a semver-compliant label, e.g., (patch, minor, major). This may happen automatically via Github actions (if a labeler action is configured).
  • When the PR is merged to master, a new tag will be created automatically, bumping the version by the semver label.
  • The github action is built from: semver-release-action, and further documentation is available there.