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7.3.2 2018-06-27 23:08 UTC

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#Stanford Slides

Version: 7.x-3.x-dev

Maintainers: jbickar, sherakama Changelog.txt

This module includes a content type (Stanford Slide) and bulk operations View, incorporating the Stanford Image Field Collection. Stanford Slides are the basic building block for Stanford Carousels.

  • Slide Block (VBO) The Slide Block view is an administration view displaying a table of Stanford Slide node information. Administrators can alter the content of multiple slides and/or publish and unpublish slides from this block.
  • Slides Page (VBO) The slides page is identical to the Slide block except that it is a page view and can be found at /admin/stanford/slides
  • Manage Slides Content Page This contains a view for the stanford_manage feature. It provides a bulk operation view where content authors can make changes to multiple slides in one task.


Install this module like any other module. See Drupal Documentation


Nothing special needed.


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Contribution / Collaboration

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