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1.0.9 2024-05-29 15:32 UTC





This is an enhancement module for SamlAuth module.


Place the Saml cert and key on the server in a protected location. They should be kept secret.

See the SAML Authentication README for creating the certificate and key, and the Stanford UIT Guide to Single SignOn for downloading the signing certificate to sign the assertion.

Add the following to the settings.php file indicating the path to the cert files:

$config['samlauth.authentication']['sp_x509_certificate'] = 'file:/path/to/cert.crt';
$config['samlauth.authentication']['sp_private_key'] = 'file:/path/to/cert.key';

// If using signing to authenticate the service.
$config['samlauth.authentication']['idp_certs'][0] = 'file:/path/to/signing/cert.crt';

// Optional Workgroup API cert and key.
$config['stanford_samlauth.settings']['role_mapping']['workgroup_api']['cert'] = '/path/to/workgroup/cert.crt';
$config['stanford_samlauth.settings']['role_mapping']['workgroup_api']['key'] = '/path/to/workgroup/cert.key';


Follow instructions for SamlAuth module.


If you are experiencing issues with this try posting an issue on the GitHub issues page.

Contribution / Collaboration

You are welcome to contribute functionality, bug fixes, or documentation to this module. If you would like to suggest a fix or new functionality you may add a new issue to the GitHub issue queue or you may fork this repository and submit a pull request. For more help please see GitHub's article on fork, branch, and pull requests