This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Stanford Basic Branding Theme.

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8.5.19 2022-09-13 17:11 UTC


Version: 8.x

Changelog: Changelog.txt


Primary development for the Stanford Basic theme has been consolidated and moved to the Stanford Profile.

Stanford Basic is a Stanford Branded Drupal 9 base theme that integrates with the Decanter Project.


WCAG Conformance 2.0 AA Badge Evaluation Date: 2020-02-05 This theme conforms to level AA WCAG 2.0 standards as required by the university's accessibility policy. For more information on the policy please visit:


Install this theme like any other theme. See Drupal Documentation

This theme depends on the Components module to register template namespaces. If downloading this theme via composer, the module is already downloaded and simply needs to be enabled before the theme can be enabled.

If using this theme in conjunction with configuration management and doing site install, a patch is included in the composer.json. Ensure that your project's root composer.json has patching enabled or download and patch Drupal Core manually.


Nothing special needed. Install, enable, and set as the default active theme. Once you have the theme enabled, be sure to check out the appearance settings for additional configuration items.


If you are experiencing issues with this theme try disabling and clear the cache first. If you are still experiencing issues try posting an issue on the GitHub issues page.

This theme is not intended to be used as an administration theme. Please use something else for that.


Development tools: To build and compile the CSS, Javascript, and Image assets required to make this theme great, you will need to have npm and nvm installed. Navigate to the root of the theme then.


nvm use
npm install

This project uses webpack to assemble the assets for this theme. To compile sass, javascript and push all assets in to place:


npm run publish

This script will compile all assets from /src into /dist.

Check out package.json for additional npm scripts and functionality.

Contribution / Collaboration

You are welcome to contribute functionality, bug fixes, or documentation to this theme. If you would like to suggest a fix or new functionality you may add a new issue to the GitHub issue queue or you may fork this repository and submit a pull request. For more help please see GitHub's article on fork, branch, and pull requests


Steps to build a new release:

  • Checkout the latest commit from the 8.x-4.x branch.
  • Create a new branch for the release.
  • Commit any necessary changes to the release branch.
    • These may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Update the version in any info.yml files, including in any submodules.
    • Update the CHANGELOG to reflect the changes made in the new release.
  • Make a PR to merge your release branch into master
  • Give the PR a semver-compliant label, e.g., (patch, minor, major). This may happen automatically via Github actions (if a labeler action is configured).
  • When the PR is merged to master, a new tag will be created automatically, bumping the version by the semver label.
  • The github action is built from: semver-release-action, and further documentation is available there.