Deletes node revisions during cron.

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dev-8.x-1.x 2019-08-05 16:17 UTC

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Node Revision Delete

Version: 8.x-1.x

Maintainers: Mike Decker, sherakama

Changelog: Changelog.txt


The Stanford Module Example module is used to do some things. Please put a description of what this module does so that a new developer can get a quick understanding about what this module does.


Install this module like any other module. See Drupal Documentation


Set the node bundles to clean up on the page /admin/config/content/node-revision-delete. Two options are provided. Total count of revisions and age of the revision. Count will always take priority. For example if configured to deleted 2 month old revisions and keep 4 total revisions, the 4 newest revisions can be older than 2 months.


If you are experiencing issues please post an issue on the GitHub issues page.

Contribution / Collaboration

You are welcome to contribute functionality, bug fixes, or documentation to this module. If you would like to suggest a fix or new functionality you may add a new issue to the GitHub issue queue or you may fork this repository and submit a pull request. For more help please see GitHub's article on fork, branch, and pull requests