Laravel's pagination with Blade templating support

5.1.2 2015-08-02 02:23 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-05 22:46:47 UTC


This package is compatible with Laravel 5.0 and Laravel 5.1 (but if you are using Laravel 5.0 you should update to 5.1 it takes 20 minutes or so)

There is another repository to quickly try/test this package: (it includes some automatic tests with phpunit).


To install through Composer:

1 - Add the following instruction to the "require" option in your composer.json:

"styde/blade-pagination": "5.1.*@dev" and execute composer update in the console, inside the project's folder.

Or execute composer require styde/blade-pagination:5.1.*@dev in the console, inside the project's folder.

2 - Add the Service Provider to the config/app.php file of your Laravel app:


3 - To change the templates, please execute the following command in the console:

php artisan vendor:publish

4 - Then you can:

Change the theme (if necessary) in config/blade-pagination.php, example:

return array(
    'theme' => 'bootstrap'

There are 3 available options: bootstrap, foundation and materialize.

Change the templates in the resources/views/blade-pagination directory (make sure to edit or add a new template according to the theme specify in config/blade-pagination.php)

Alternatively you can just copy the following code:


 * Choose from: bootstrap, foundation, materialize
 * or create your own theme inside resources/views/pagination/
 * If you create a theme for a popular CSS framework
 * Please submit a pull request to:
 * Or send me the template to
return array(
    'theme' => 'bootstrap'

Create themes

You can create your own themes inside resources/views/pagination. Feel free to submit your theme via Pull Request or to