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This bundle allows to run system database migrations independent from the Pimcore 5 code updates. This is particulary usefull when you do a full update in a development environment and have to just replay the database migrations on your other environments like staging and production.

The problem

Pimcore 5 allows you to update your installation via commandline or via the admin web interface. But these updates are both code and database migrations. So in the case that you are doing your update in a development environment to prepare everything for the next update in staging and production these steps are not reproducable. The code will be updated due to a deploy on your other environment, but the database migrations will not be there, potentially causing all sorts of issues and/or unexpected behaviour.

Pimcore 5.4.0

As of pimcore 5.4.0 you will have to run the CoreBundle migrations to get this functionality.

When you are updating from a lower version than 5.4.0, first update to the latest 5.3.x and then remove this bundle when updating to 5.4.0.


$ composer require studioemma/system-migrations-bundle:"*"
$ php bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable StudioEmmaSystemMigrationsBundle
$ php bin/console pimcore:bundle:install StudioEmmaSystemMigrationsBundle

This will create an extra table plugin_se_system_migrations where the build and updatedate are tracked. Initially after install it will contain 1 record containing the current Pimcore 5 build number and the date of installation.


$ php bin/console studioemma:systemmigrations:update

Running this will determine based on the plugin_se_system_migrations table and the build number found in Version.php what must be done. It will upgrade the database or downgrade the database - if possible - to the schema version associated with the current version of your Pimcore 5 code.

When you install this plugin in an existing installation you can also re-initialize the plugin_se_system_migrations table - say you have installed this plugin in dev, but prod is not yet updated.

$ php bin/console studioemma:systemmigrations:init --buildnumber 202

This command will reset the plugin_se_system_migrations table and insert only one record with the chosen buildnumber and the current date.


Since the easiest and most comprehensible way of versioning was to take the major version as the pimcore build number we do not follow semver. If you want to be able to fully use this bundle you should use the latest version. It is limited to Pimcore 5. If there is a Pimcore 6 release this bundle could be updated or become obsolete.


GPLv3. See License file for more information