1.0.3 2014-03-31 10:54 UTC


This library simplifies working with s5 with PHP.

Sample Use

To get started, initialize the s5 instance.

$s5 = new \s5\API;
$s5->Token = YOUR_APP_TOKEN;
$s5->Secret = YOUR_APP_SECRET;

You can get these properties from the Apps section of s5 once logged in.

If you have an access_token for a user you'd like to use, you can set that too:

$s5->AccessToken = USER_ACCESS_TOKEN;

You can pass any of these parameters in the constructor for simplicity:


Logging In

The simplest way to handle login is to call the RequireLogin method.


This will automatically handle OAuth, store the access token in a session variable, and set the proper access_token on the s5\API instance every time it's loaded.

RequireLogin takes one parameter, scope, which is an array of the requested permissions for this auth. To get address information for the logged in user, for example, you should call RequireLogin with ['extended'].

Note that for this to work, you need to create an instance of the \s5\API with the proper app token and secret upon a GET request to each page you call RequireLogin on, so it can process the last leg of the OAuth dance and set the AccessToken in the session variable. This will usually not be a problem, but if you're having issues, that's a good place to start.

Accessing Data

To get the current user's data, with an AccessToken set, call:


This will return an object with the user's properties.

To get another user's data, call: