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This project is a PHP Stomp Client that besides it implements the Stomp protocol fully, brings some ActiveMQ and Apollo specific utils that could make your messaging from PHP easier.


This library was initially developed by Dejan Bosanac. We would like to thank you for your work and we're happy to continue it.

Version choice

  • For new projects you should use version 4.* which requires php-5.6. Support for php-5.6 ends with version 5.*.
  • For projects running older php versions you can use version 4.2.* for php-5.5 and 3.* for php-5.3, please consider to update php.
  • For running projects with fusesource/stomp-php@2.x clients you can use version 2.2.2.
  • All version newer that 2.x won't be compatible with fusesource/stomp-php. (


The source is PSR-0 compliant. So just download the source and add the Namespace "Stomp" to your autoloader configuration with the path pointing to src/.

As an alternate you have the possibility to make use of composer to manage your project dependencies.

Just add

    "require": {
        "stomp-php/stomp-php": "4.*"

to your project composer.json.

Or simply run composer require stomp-php/stomp-php in your project home.


If you used fusesource/stomp-php before, you can use our 2.x versions.

    "require": {
        "stomp-php/stomp-php": "2.*"


See our wiki.


Have a look at our example project


We code in PSR2, please use our predefined hook.


To run the tests you first need to fetch the dependencies for the test suite via composer:

$ php composer.phar install

The functional testsuite is divided into three broker versions. Currently it's running on ActiveMq (Port 61010), Apollo (61020), RabbitMq (61030). Apollo should be configured to use admin:password and RabbitMq to guest:guest. While ActiveMq must be configured to use no login at all.

You can setup all brokers by running travisci/bin/ Stop them by travisci/bin/ (Docker is required.)

If you only like to run the functional generic tests, ensure Apollo is configured. A basic setup can be achieved by running ./travisci/bin/ 1.7.1. (If you want to create a local running broker, you find the config / setup at travisci/docker/apollo-mq/)


Apache License Version 2.0