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#Sf2 Starter Kit

Welcome to my Sf2 Starter Kit - a fully-functional Symfony2 application that you can use as the skeleton for your new applications.

This package is based on a Symfony2 basic project cleared of the default AcmeBundle.

It comes with SonataAdminBundle pre-configured and SonataUserBundle on top of FosUserBundle for user management.

Basically, install this stuff and you get a Sf2 project with an admin interface and user management out of the box.

1) Installation

Simply clone this repo or download the archive from github. Once you get it on your machine, unpack it.

Then simply run composer install in your install directory.

$ composer install

This should run the basic install asking for the databases access and global symfony configuration.

Then it launches the Admin Configuration :

  • Database creation
  • Acl Initialization
  • Database Tables creation
  • SuperAdmin configuration

2) Usage

Once all the installation process is done, you can access your project admin interface via http://localhost/path/to/starterkit/web/app.php/admin/dashboard

You'll be asked for the admin access.

And you're done.