An administration backend scaffolding package for Laravel.

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v1.0.1 2016-03-02 21:43 UTC

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Last update: 2022-07-19 05:07:09 UTC


Administration is a different kind of administrator package for Laravel. We take a completely different approach to the administrator backend. All assets are published, meaning you're free to modify absolutely everything about the backend.

Administration makes no assumptions to how to you want your backend, it merely scaffolds an entire administration panel for your current application, complete with a secure setup process.

Every application is different, and you shouldn't be locked into an administrator panel managed by a different developer.


  • Setup wizard for easy deployment (no console commands required)
  • User management with user specific permissions
  • Permission Management
  • Role Management
  • Clean, customizable UI
  • Thoroughly documented code with 100% customizability
  • Thoroughly implements clean separation of concerns
  • Completely mobile compatible with 100% responsive layout (using Bootstrap 3)
  • Pjax implementation for an app-like feel


Require orchestra/html, flash, active, authorization and administration in your composer.json file:

"orchestra/html": "~3.2",
"stevebauman/flash": "1.0.*",
"stevebauman/active": "1.0.*",
"stevebauman/authorization": "1.3.*",
"stevebauman/administration": "1.0.*"

These are required so you can remove stevebauman/administration afterwards.

Run composer update.

Insert the following providers in your config/app.php:


Now run php artisan vendor:publish --tag="authorization".

Then run php artisan vendor:publish --tag="administration".

You can now remove the Stevebauman\Administration\AdministrationServiceProvider from your config/app.php file:


Then remove stevebauman/administration from your composer.json file:

`"stevebauman/administration": "1.0.*"`

Run composer update.

Now insert the following providers in your config/app.php:


Then, insert the following middlewares in your app/Http/Kernel.php file inside the $routeMiddleware property:

'admin.setup' => \App\Http\Middleware\SetupMiddleware::class,
'admin.auth'  => \App\Http\Middleware\AdminAuthMiddleware::class,

Once you've done that, visit your site localhost/admin/setup to create an administrator account.

You're all set!