Create a PlantUml graph from a callmap JSON-file

0.1.0 2023-10-08 15:03 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-08 16:00:08 UTC


A tool to creat ean overview of your applications method-calls.

This tool generates a PlantUML file from a CallMap-JSON file.


CallMap-CLI is best installed using composer

composer require --dev stella-maris/callmap-cli


After you have created a callmap-JSON file (for example via the stella-maris/callmap plugin for PHPStan) you can create the PlantUML file via this command:

./bin/callmap render <path/to/callmap.json>

This will generate a PlantUML file in the current directory names callmap.plantuml.

You can use this file to generate a PNG os SVG using a PlantUML renderer like at

For the stella-maris/callmap plugin that should generate something like this:

Example output

Full chain:

# Install PHPStan
composer require --dev phpstan/phpstan 1.11.x-dev
# Install plugin
composer require --dev stella-maris/callmap dev-main
# parse the sources and generate the callmap.json file
./vendor/bin/phpstan analyse -c vendor/stella-maris/callmap/callmap.neon [path/to/your/sources]
# Install the callmap cli
composer require stella-maris/callmap-cli@dev-main
# Convert the callmap.json file into a callmap.plantuml file
./bin/callmap render callmap.json
# Render a PNG file from the callmap.plantuml file
docker run -v "$(pwd):/app" -w "/app" callmap.plantuml

When done in this folder it should create a PNG file like this:

Callmap image of callmap-cli