A php package for working with the Particle API

v0.0.2 2015-12-06 13:43 UTC


PHP Class for interacting with the Particle Cloud (


  • GIT clone or download a zip of the repo and unzip into your project director
  • Rename phpSpark.config.sample.php to phpSpark.config.php
  • Set your access token and device id in phpSpark.config.php


  • Check out the examples in the examples folder
  • Try out the phpSparkDashboard project which uses this project (demo)

Implemented Features

Device Management

  • List Devices
  • Get device info
  • Rename/Set device name
  • Call Particle Function on a device
  • Grab the value of a Particle Variable from a device
  • Remote (Over the Air) Firmware Uploads
  • Device signaling (make it flash a rainbow of colors)

Access Token Management

  • Generate a new access token
  • List your access tokens
  • Delete an access token

Webhook Management

  • List Webhooks
  • Add Webhook
  • Delete Webhook

Account/Cloud Management

  • Use a local particle cloud
  • Claim core or photon
  • Remove core or photon

Not Yet Implemented Features

  • OAuth Client Creation (/v1/clients)
  • Advanced OAuth topics